Valentines Day

Well today my lovely other half got me a Kindle, I have been wanting one for AGES, but managed to restrain myself. That is until, last sunday, I had one of my random impulsive splurges and bought a Kindle Paperwhite this has caused a dilemma, do I tell my other half that I bought one already? or do I just, I don’t know, keep it…

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Hi all,

Well, this is my first foray into blogging, not sure how many people will be interested in my ramblings but I make sense, well, at least to myself. I think I want to establish if I make sense to others too.

So yes, I have ‘ADHD’ and I’m an adult(ish), I also have dyspraxia, the list could go on and on and on. One of the things it took me a while to make sense of is that I am just neurodiverse, is just use the labels ADHD and dyspraxia so others can understand me a bit more.

Since I have started thinking about neurodiversity I have realised its kind of a bizarre term to use, we are all unique, genetically and neurologically, as everyone processes things in different ways, and leaves an event with a difference experience, depending upon their previous knowledge of the experience and how they processed it. But I like the term neurodiverse much more than dyspraxia or ASD or ADHD.

I am aware of the neurodiverse ‘movement’ and I would say I was on that train, I very much value people’s individuality. I am also aware that some people may feel this movement to be patronising. i think personally its a way for me to accept who I am. Each person has their own path to follow. After a while I was distressed at my ‘diagnosis’, after a time i reflected upon this, I came to the conclusion that given the choice I wouldn’t take away my ADHD or DYSPRAXIA as its shaped me into the individual I am today.

In contrast, people who experience mental illness wish it to be more recognised. This includes me. So to say ‘oh we are just diverse’ on one hand and ‘mental illness should be more accepted and recognised’. I believe both, but should it just be one? What do you think?

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